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Borderline Toxic are a heavy, alt-rock band from London. They combine funk and hard rock with face-melty riffs and lyrical twists.

Borderline Toxic EPK


"Our favourite new discovery.
100% empowerment, 0% filter!"


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Borderline Toxic hit the headlines (BBC Radio One, Rolling Stone, Kerrang, NME, LadBible, Evening Standard) and went viral on TikTok and Instagram after Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day was filmed jumping on stage to perform a cover of the 'Basket Case' with the band during their last gig at Slim Jim's Liquor Store in Islington.

The band recently played their first sold-out, headliner show at the Hope & Anchor and received their first BBC Radio One airplay for their recent single 'Blood Sucking Beauty Queen'. Momentum is building.

Scottish-born lead singer Kerry Glass grew up on a diet of Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains and KoRn. Despite the allure of loud, she only started writing her own songs in lockdown, initially just to escape the boredom.

After legendary British drummer, Pete RayBiggin (Level 42, Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan) introduced Kerry to Norwegian drummer/producer Henrik Fossum (Brand New Heavies, PB Underground, James Arthur) the seeds of the band were sewn. They quickly bonded over a love of hard-hitting rock.

The name 'Borderline Toxic' came to Glass in a moment of serendipity following a particularly passionate row with her partner, which she recalls was ‘borderline toxic’. 

Kerry Glass, Borderline Toxic EPK

After some notoriously incendiary early live shows 'Borderline Toxic' dropped their first music on YouTube with a biting cover of Eve & Gwen Stefani’s RnB classic, ‘Let me Blow Your Mind’ The lyrics like their unique arrangement punch hard and feel like a metaphor for Kerry’s rapid ascension to sassy, rock front-woman.


Now I got my foot through the door

And I ain't goin' nowhere

It took a while to get me here

And I'm gonna take my time

Don't fight that good shit in your ear

Now let me blow ya mind


Borderline Toxic formally announced their arrival with the release of their debut original single “Mr Obsanity” which was released in October 2021.


The single immediately delivered on Kerry’s aim to create music that triggers people with Mr Obsanity taking aim at powerful figures who swing around casual misogyny and bigotry.


This intensity and purpose was perfectly visualised in the accompanying animated music video which was created by artist Simon Mulligan.


Borderline Toxic's second single ‘Breakdown’ spoke to life’s turbulence with an empowering message about not being afraid to escape the norm. Filmed in New York City the video was once again fully directed, edited and animated by Simon Mulligan.


Blood Sucking Beauty Queen perfectly exemplifies Borderlines Toxic’s modern take on rock music. Released to coincide with the start of Pride Month it deliberately challenges beauty norms and promotes individuality.


Crunching riffs are offset with a boisterous pop-inspired chorus which is further enhanced by the prowling, snarling Glass whose explosive vocal hits with her satisfying Scottish lilt.


While writing the song Kerry drew on her own life experiences where she was expected to please people and fit into a stereotype just to keep others happy.


Sticking a middle finger up to society's obsession with judging others. These virtues are perfectly bought to life in the flamboyant video which gives the floor to a vast array of alternative performers, dancers and actors provoking viewers to ask "What is sexy?".

Borderline Toxic - Blood Sucking Beauty Queen


'Sir Satan', Borderline Toxic's latest single, delves into themes about our own character, our flaws, our strengths, our relationships and how these individual traits are influenced by both positive and negative experiences that have shaped us. Basically, it's one for the Daddy Issue Crew x The video features piercing and alternative lifestyle influencer Uyeee


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Borderline Toxic - Mr Obsanity
Kerry Glass - Borderline Toxic EPK