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Nick Batterham


Nick Batterham is a musician and sound designer based in Melbourne, Australia. As a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, his work has appeared in numerous film and television programs. In the 1990’s his bands received international acclaim with releases on independent and major labels and extensive touring. The Earthmen were nominated for an ARIA award in 1997 for best debut album. Since 2010, Nick has released six solo albums and two albums of original classical music from his award-winning collaborations with visual artist Rone.


  • To promote the release of the new album Lovebirds

  • To grow his overall fanbase by introducing more people to his music

Our Work:

  • Conducted a 70-point audit to identify ways to optimise his online presence

  • Wrote a Wikipedia page

  • Built a custom landing page to support a live launch show

  • Installed the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics on his website to allow retargeting

  • Ran engagement ads to build his fan base and introduce new people to his music

  • Ran Conversion ads for 4 weeks after launch driving listeners on Spotify and purchases on iTunes


  • Increased Spotify monthly listeners by 136%

  • Increased Spotify followers by 39%

  • Increased Facebook Likes by 177%

  • Increased Instagram Followers by 6%

  • Six album tracks added to Spotify algorithmic playlists

  • One Spotify Editorial playlist

  • 10% save rate among listeners to the album

  • Listen to Lovebirds by Nick Batterham

Artist Testimonial

"Dealing with you and the work you’ve done has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. A lot of putting out an album feels like an uphill battle, constantly fighting resistance. You have cut through that and been a beacon of light in the dark. Prompt, positive and effective." Nick Batterham

Nick Batterham, Major Labl Case Study
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