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Electro-pop starlet Zaritza approached us to help promote her new single Slot Machine a song about female sexual confidence.



To promote the new single Slot Machine increasing Spotify streams and YouTube plays.

Our Challenge:

The video was too hot to be promoted directly on YouTube or Facebook.​

Our Work:

Before starting the campaign, we optimised her socials writing a new biography and ensuring consistent imagery and links were in place, so that when people came to her pages they were left with the best possible impression. We also ran our digital marketing training course to help her understand best practices and give her skills to use in the future. We built her a new website, helped create a new visual identity and ran a pre-save campaign,

Creative Strategy:

We wanted to editorialise the story behind the story to appeal to the widest possible audience of women. Using stills from the video we created a stylish 12-part guide to female sexual confidence. In total we created over 30 pieces of social content for use on Instagram and Facebook that played out over 5 weeks.  We also created a teaser video that encouraged fans to watch the banned video and decide for themselves.​


  1. 18,488% increase in monthly Spotify streams

  2. 66% increase in Spotify subscribers

  3. 14,700 YouTube channel views


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