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Doctors Of Madness


Proto-punk pioneers Doctors Of Madness asked us to help promote their first release in 41 years


  1. To relaunch DoM in the digital era

  2. To drive Spotify plays of new album Dark Times and lead single 'Make It Stop'

Our challenge:

Reconnect with the existing Doctors Of Madness fan base digitally and bring a new audience to hear the band's music

Our work:

  • Optimise social channels with consistent imagery and links

  • Build a new website for the band to help sell CDs and merchandise

  • Create social content to promote the lead single and album on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Creative strategy:

Starting with the lead single 'Make It Stop' we created a bespoke social campaign highlighting the lies told around Brexit, and fed the content into Twitter conversations. For the album 'Dark Times' we highlighted social issues and facts that demonstrated real-life dark times, using the album as a soundtrack to inspire action and change. We used existing quotes and testimonials from celebrities and musicians including Jools Holland and Vic Reeves as a way to attract the curiosity of new fans.



  1. 629% increase in monthly Spotify listeners

  2. 18% increase in Spotify followers

  3. 210% increase in total Spotify streams 


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