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Officer is a former Right Chord Music artist of the year, and his music has won critical acclaim with influential music blogs including Louder Than War, but despite this, most people still don't know his name or his music. 


  1. To launch his second album Night Tennis and singles Tilt The Clox and Heavening

  2. To get more people to listen to his music

Our Challenge:

To turn critical acclaim into actual listeners


Our Work:

We ran two creative campaigns to promote lead singles, and one album launch campaign. For each campaign we produced bespoke static, animated and video content to dramatise the story behind the release. Each campaign ran for 5 weeks, one week prior to launch and 4 weeks after. 

Creative Strategy:

For lead single 'Tilt The Clox' we created short video clips to highlight the impact the winter clock change has on society. Including increased crime, personal injury and stock market losses.  These hero clips were accompanied by hygiene clips that directly promoted the single on Spotify.

Second single 'Heavening' was all about recommitting to love, so to bring this to life we asked fans, friends and family to tell us how they showed love. This content was made into short form video clips which were shared across his socials. In the absence of a full length music video we also created a 'Heavening' teaser focused on the themes of the track. (Watch below).

The album Night Tennis was conceived late at night and early in the morning when Officer was struggling with a severe bout on insomnia. This struggle with sleep is cleverly realised by the lyrical phrasing on the album, where words are clustered in groups of four to represent the four watches of the night. A concept adopted by the Romans, who divided the night into military watches instead of hours. Each watch represented the period, for which sentinels or pickets remained on duty. To launch the album we bought this concept to life using 4 phrase lyrics and video clips. The content aimed to intrigue and inspire using the album tracks as the soundtrack


  • 287% increase in monthly Spotify Streams 

  • 78% increase in monthly Spotify listeners

  • 49% increase in Spotify followers 


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