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Our training session typically lasts between 1.5 hours and 2 hours and is designed to help you navigate The Cycle, our framework for marketing effectiveness. The Cycle was developed from our experience working with The Daydream Club, the self released duo who now have over 70,000,000 streams on Spotify and earn a sustainable income from their music.


During the training, we explain every step of The Cycle, bringing the process to life with examples to inspire and inform. We provide you with a 50 page PDF manual to keep and refer to. We can run the training course face to face in London or via video call.

The session is designed to be actionable, giving you simple ideas to promote yourself and your music in a more effective way.


The cost of this session is £45.00 plus VAT for UK & Europe only. To arrange your session or to find out more, complete the contact form below.

I have found Mark extremely helpful to work with, particularly in his partner-like approach, knowledgeable advice and insight into how this extremely fast and fluid media world is changing so rapidly these days. Mark has shown me how to be on the front foot and maximise it for the benefit of my work." Officer

“Mark’s experience and knowledge of marketing combined with his involvement in the music industry has proven to be invaluable. He constantly presents innovative ideas, taking into account current social and technological trends. We highly recommend working with him” The Daydream Club

"The session was really helpful and has given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate your 
time and effort it's good to know there are genuine people out there." Canine Rising