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Music Marketing Training.

We provide step-by-step music marketing training for indie musicians without managers. Start for FREE with our 30-minute video webinar.

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Paid Programme.

Our expert training course currently contains 15 lessons and over 130 minutes of content.


The lessons are split out across the 4 stages of our planning cycle


  1. Launch

  2. Plan

  3. Promote

  4. Optimise


You also get a free 30-minute video consultation included in the package.

Buy now at our special, lifetime launch price of just £50 and get unlimited access to current lessons and new lessons at no extra cost.

Upgrade to our Gold package for £80 and get two  30-minute face-to-face video mentoring sessions with our expert tutor.

Major Labl training for indie musicians. The planning cycle

Expert Coach.

Mark Knight is the founder of Major Labl and the Right Chord Music Group. For the last 22 years, Mark has provided strategic marketing consultancy for brands including Coca-Cola, Vodafone and Nivea.


Mark set up Major Labl in 2018 with the aim of bringing marketing best practices from the brand world to the band world.  He has provided strategic consultancy for indie labels including Earache Records (Buckcherry, Scarlet Rebels, The Temperance Movement & Travis Meadows), Trashmouth Records (Maggie The Cat) and a host of indie musicians including Anna Wolf, Iraina Mancini and Porcelain.


His work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for Best Digital Campaign at The Music Ally Awards (the only unsigned artist to be nominated). The band now have over 100m Spotify Streams as an independent artist.

The Daydream Club on Major Labl

Artist Testimonials.

“When I met Mark, I literally felt this is too good to be true, The advice was practical, insightful and amazing value for money.  You no longer have to feel like you’re doing it on your own, for me that’s invaluable. Support is everything and this is exactly that, as and when you need it no strings attached! How refreshing!” SEIL LIEN

“Mark’s knowledge of the industry, and more importantly the ins and outs of the online world, social media, and effective marketing, is invaluable to artists in the current climate. Most important is his passion for and commitment to music, that is the factor that makes all the difference.”


"The session was really helpful and has given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate your time and effort it's good to know there are genuine people out there."

Canine Rising

"Highly recommend Major Labl for all your digital campaign needs."

Doctors of Madness

"Wonderful experience working with Mark on my campaign. Mark is very thorough, detail-oriented, creative, smart and simply caring about making a difference in an artist’s life. Unlike many other PR companies, Major Labl works very hard on achieving the best results and is always responsive to any issues."


Blackchords on Major Labl
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