Because after ten years managing independent artists, we concluded the traditional model of music promotion designed for major label artists in the 80s (radio, press and live) does not work for unsigned / independent artists in the 00’s. 


  • Radio spot plays don’t deliver the reach or frequency required to build fame or a fanbase

  • Most press support appears on niche, unread blogs with poor SEO optimisation 

  • Traditional music marketing doesn’t drive the play count, the only measure of success that matters in 2020

In response we setup our own Major Labl, with a cheeky glint in our eye.




We've reinvented music marketing specifically for unsigned and independent artists.

As the marketing division of the Right Chord Music Group, Major Labl provides modular marketing consultancy and creative solutions to artists from all genres, all over the world. 


What we don't do. Book gigs, sign artists or take away your rights or your royalties.  




We start with the channels you can control. (social media and websites) Not the channels you can’t control.(radio & press). 

We borrow from advertising best practice to reach, engage, convert and retarget the audiences most into your music. We create thumb stopping social content and advertising campaigns to drive your play and follower count.

We question, challenge, refuse to settle, positively disrupt, test, refine and test again. Just because it's worked before doesn't mean it will work again.

Read more about our approach and marketing theory.



We begin every artist relationship with a free consultation. Then based on your needs we build a plan selecting from ten possible work modules. For a new artist launching their career we might complete all ten modules. However, for a more established artist releasing a new album we might cherry pick two or three modules. We also offer a pay as you go consultancy module to cover off anything else. For example maybe you need some help writing a grant application.


If you are interested in working with us, please submit this application form. We are now considering artists for campaigns to start in October and beyond. Please note, we are selective about the artist we choose to work with, we believe this is best for you and us. After all if we don't love and believe in your music we won't put our heart and soul into it, and your music deserves that respect. We offer flexible payment terms allowing you to split project fees into affordable chunks.

1. Audit

We conduct a 70 point audit of your existing activity and channels against best practice principles to understand the gaps and opportunities to improve effectiveness.

3. Branding & Identity

We can help with a complete style overhaul from photography, logos, fonts, social banners and profile pictures. Our aim is to help you create a professional and consistent brand.

5. Website Build

We can design and build a stylish and effective mobile optimised website to improve your SEO and provide a simple gateway to your social pages and music.

7. Content Creation

We can run ideation sessions to generate promo ideas and help you create and build thumb stopping social content and ads to promote your music.

9. Ad Set Creation

We can help set up and test the most effective combination of engagement and conversion advertising to deliver fans and streams.

2. Optimise

We can action the findings of the audit to  fix and improve the issues identified ensuring everything is optimised before promotion begins.

4. Skills Training

We want to help you improve your own skills so you can do more yourself in the future. In this sessions we'll give your practical advice, and tools to help improve the way you promote music.

6. Audiences & Pixel

We'll help you build engagement, and conversion audiences by identifying similar artists, genres and previous engagers.

8. Pre Save Set Up

We can help you set up and run a pre-save campaign to build engagement and collect data ahead of launch.

10. Optimise & Report

We can provide on-going ad management to track performance and ensure optimised performance throughout the life of your campaign.


If you are interested in working with us, please submit this application form. 

Read more about our theory and approach to music promotion.




Click below to discover a selection of our artist case studies, covering a wide range of our modules, from audits, website design, content creation, ad set creation to full campaign management.


Enbe rap / grime
Anna Wolf
Doctors of Madness
zaritza (6).png
Rhonda Merrick



Mark Knight has over 10 years experience as an artist manager. His work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for Best Digital Campaign at The Music Ally Awards (the only unsigned artist to be nominated). Mark has lectured on music marketing at MIDEM, Off The Record and Liverpool Sound City, written for The Guardian, Unsigned Guide, Reverbnation, Music Think Tank and judged the Music Week Awards. Mark also runs Right Chord Music (a top 10 ranked indie music blog) the Lost On Radio Podcast, and The Takeover online music festival, presented by Bose, in support of Nordoff Robbins. This year the festival attracted over 600,000 online views. For the last 19 years Mark has also consulted for some of the world's biggest brands including evian, Nivea and Vodafone. 

Listen to this interview with Mark on the Us People Podcast.








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