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Iraina Mancini


Singer / Songwriter, DJ and Radio Host Iraina Mancini and her long-time producer /co-writer Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, Kasabian)  approached Major Labl to help promote the release of her single Shotgun.  A sexy, seductive song about being wildly in love, shot with obsession like a bullet through the heart.


To launch Iraina's new single Shotgun by driving streams on Spotify and growing her fanbase

Our Work:

  • Conducted a 70-point audit to identify ways to optimise her social media presence

  • Improved her website SEO

  • Installed the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics on her website

  • Created customised audiences to retarget previous engagers on Facebook, Instagram and website

  • Facilitated a creative workshop to help develop content ideas to support the launch

  • Set up a Pre-save campaign to boost engagement ahead of release

  • Ran ads ahead of launch to create an engagement pool testing out different audiences and creatives

  • Ran Conversion ads for 4 weeks after launch driving listeners on Spotify and purchases on iTunes


  • The 4 week campaign reached 93,000 people

  • Increased Spotify monthly listeners by 32%

  • Increased Spotify playlist followers by 97%

  • Increased Facebook Likes by 39%

  • Achieved a 21% save rate for Shotgun

  • Delivered a 12p cost per conversion

  • Listen to Shotgun by Iraina Mancini

Iraina Mancini Major Labl case study
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