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Anonymous musical collective Porcelain are a counterpoint to today’s prevailing celebrity culture. Faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls, symbolise their wish not to be defined by labels.


To help launch the band driving intrigue, awareness, fan engagement and listeners

Our Work

  • Create a unique style and voice online

  • Launch the band on social 

  • Build an engaged fanbase via content and The Porcelain Matchmaker 

  • Website design

  • Press release writing and creative ideation

  • Ran conversion ads to drive Spotify streams and saves


  • Half a million video content views before launch, providing a retargeting audience

  • Over 3,000 plays of the Porcelain Matchmaker

  • 60% conversion from landing page view to Spotify stream

  • 50% listener save rate on Spotify

  • >2k Spotify followers

  • >100K Spotify Streams

  • >2k Playlists

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