Anonymous musical collective Porcelain are a counterpoint to today’s prevailing celebrity culture. Faceless mannequins and androgynous dolls, symbolise their wish not to be defined by labels.


To help launch the band driving intrigue, awareness, fan engagement and listeners

Our Work & Results:

We helped the band create a unique style and voice online, which individually numbered social media posts. Before the release of any music we helped drive over half a million video videos of their stylish motion graphic content.

In keeping with their brand and their desire to be judged on their music not their looks, we devised a playful online music personality quiz called The Porcelain Matchmaker and hid a Spotify pre-save campaign inside so that players added Porcelain to their Spotify profile as part of the interactive experience. Players were also rewarded with a personalised playlist matched to their personality type. Each playlist contained Porcelain music which drove further plays on release day.  During the pre-save campaign we drove over 3,000 visitors to the band's website giving the band improved SEO and data for use in future retargeting. The campaign generated 227 social unlocks, which for a debut single from an unknown band without a fanbase was pretty remarkable.

At the end of the five week campaign we helped Porcelain achieve almost 8,000 streams and a remarkable 1,238 Spotify saves. They also had a sizeable pool of social media engagers to retarget for future releases.

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