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Anna Wolf


South African Anna Wolf had already released one single in the UK but despite a large fan base and media attention it wasn't translating into listeners.


  1. To convert media interest into Spotify plays

  2. To increase awareness of Anna Wolf in the UK

Our Challenge:

To create a story around the single 'Silence' that would reach and engage a wider audience and encourage them to listen.

Our Work:

We created a 5-week campaign that ran across Instagram and Facebook to promote Anna Wolf's single Silence.

Creative Strategy:

Drawing on 'anxiety' a central theme of the track we highlighted a key lyric "I've got a million voices screaming in my head" and asked her fans, friends and family to take a photo of themselves (cutting off their head) to tell us their anxieties, or the voices screaming in their head. We released the single to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month and aligned with Anxiety UK to provide support for anyone that needed it.


  1. 190% increase Spotify listeners

  2. 56% increase Spotify followers


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