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Finally, music distribution the way it should be. 
What you see
is what you get.


£2.50 per track

No hidden costs

Distribution to 100+ services

Keep 100% of your earnings

It's No Joke

Did you hear the one about the music distribution service that offered musicians one price and then charged them another? 

Unfortunately, it's no joke. Did you know 71% of musicians tolerate or actively dislike their music distributor?


We are here to change that with a simple, great offer and transparent pricing.

One Price, One Service
For Everyone

With Major Labl Artist Club you only pay £2.50 per track, per year to distribute your music globally to over 100 music services and you always keep 100% of your earnings.

MLAC_Website (3).png
By Independent Artists For Independent Artists

Major Labl Artist Club has been designed by independent artists for independent artists. We understand the challenges you face and the things you need from a distributor. 


Unlike Distrokid we don't charge you extra for the things you need.

No Hidden Extra Costs
Major Labl Artist Club Features
Be Heard In All The Right Places

We get your music on over 100 digital music services worldwide, including all the key ones: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

Stop Tolerating, Start Switching

While other music distributors allow you to switch, the process is manual, complicated and highly stressful.


Did you know unless all of your Metadata is entered 100% accurately you could lose all of your streams?!

Major Labl Artist Club removes the stress by automatically transferring your Metadata for you. Now all you need to do is re-upload the original audio file. We use Shazam to automatically compare the uploaded file with the version currently on Spotify. Transfer only takes place when there is a 100% match. This ensures you never lose your streams.

Get Paid Your Share Automatically

Did you know only 18% of musicians are confident they get paid what is owed to them? We're on a mission to change that.

Save money and get paid automatically

If you want to split royalties using Distrokid every member of your band needs a distribution account costing £19.99 per year. That's almost £80 a year for a band of four, just to register to get paid!


One account, multiple users

Because we recognise a song is rarely owned by one person, we've created multi-user accounts. Now you only pay once and can invite your whole band to join. That's £2.50 per track per year.

Simple solution

You can agree on royalty splits for each track, invite your collaborators to Major Labl Artist Club and automatically get paid your share.

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Beyond Music Distribution

If you want more than just music distribution, we've created the ultimate platform.

Major Labl Artist Club provides everything you need to manage your music career online, in one place.

As a member, you get access to unlimited music distribution and a host of other services and benefits. See below for details.

Other Things You Can Do On Major Labl Artist Club
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Create a Free, customisable shop on your own domain.
Pay 10% commission or upgrade to keep 100%.

1. Audit & Optimise

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