The Takeover Online Conference For Independent Artists

The Takeover returns this October and becomes the first online music conference designed to support the challenges faced by unsigned artists. Tickets are on sale now from DICE.

The Takeover

Back in May, Right Chord Music launched The Takeover, an online music festival championing incredible independent artists. The Festival showcased 49 artists, from 11 different countries playing live on Facebook. Presented by BOSE we generated over 600,000 video views and raised over £4,000 for Nordoff Robbins music therapy.  

The Takeover Conference For Independent Artists

Right Chord Music Founder, Mark Knight explains. “In my experience even music conferences which say they support unsigned artists don't really cater to their needs. Tickets costs are high and all you hear is major record label execs talking about their big budget campaigns on radio and John Lewis sync deals.  As a result unsigned artists leave feeling frustrated, because none of this is in their grasp or relevant to their realities.”

In response to this challenge, Right Chord Music have created a conference that gives unsigned and independent artists the inspiration, skills and practical tools to further their careers now.

The Takeover Conference takes place throughout October. Whereas physical conferences often cram as many talks as they can into one or two days The Takeover will run one session a day, so you don’t miss a thing. The conference will run via Zoom Call making it easy to bring together musicians and marketing experts. 

The Takeover Conference Workshops

Every presentation at The Takeover Conference is designed to provide practical, relevant skills for the modern day unsigned, independent and self released artist. This means at The Takeover Conference you’ll learn how to...

  • Grow an online audience with Feed 

  • Get press without PR with Musosoup 

  • Plan to promote music with Major Labl

  • Win on streaming music services with EmuBands 

  • Make killer music videos with The RedRed video

  • Befriend a music blog with Right Chord Music

  • Create a brand for your band with Bannersnack 

  • Produce music holistically with Magic Garden Studios 

  • Get gigs and build an audience with Twisterella