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Looking For Music For Sync?

Major Labl Artist Club represent the award-winning duo The Daydream Club. Discover their eclectic back catalogue and contact us to use their music in your next project.

Introducing The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club are a multi-genre Leicester music duo formed in 2010 by the now husband and wife pairing, Adam and Paula Pickering. Independently produced and self-released, they have amassed over 100 Million career streams to date, with a catalogue as wide-ranging as it is distinctive.


Previous music sync placements

Their music has been featured in broadcast television, film, animation, commercials and branded content, including BBC’s Football Focus, the award-winning independent surf film The Endless Winter II, Burberry, HomeGoods, AXA, and Merrell.


Genres for music sync

The Daydream Club's musical output covers sublime piano instrumentals, ambient electronica, folk, pop and house. Discover more in the playlist below.

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