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How To Be Ignored By A Music Blog.

The quickest way to be ignored by a music blog
The quickest way to be ignored by a music blog

How not to engage a music blog!

Mark Knight, Founder of the Right Chord Music Blog outlines the quickest ways to get your emails deleted and your music ignored.

Ignoring the submission policy:

Most established blogs have a submission policy. At Right Chord Music we ask you to submit music via our submissions website. This means we have one place to review all the music we are sent. So please don’t send it via Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or WhatsApp.

Broken links or missing links:

You would be amazed how many artists submit music without providing any way for us to listen to the music. Before you hit send, make sure you have working links.

No story:

Make it easy for us to write about you. Emails that share nothing more than a music link are normally deleted. If we need to click around the web to try and piece together your story we probably won't!

Sending attachments:

If we downloaded every attachment we were sent our hard drive would crash and we would be riddled with viruses. Ask yourself this… Would you download an unknown attachment from a stranger? There are no excuses, it’s so simple to send a link. Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Google Drive, DropBox can all provide a simple solution.

Poor images:

We champion the complete package, showcasing incredible independent artists. You can have an amazing track, but if the images or video that accompanies it are low quality, it will probably be ignored.

Missing metadata:

If we ask you to share an MP3 file for use on our Podcast ensure the file contains both your artist name and the track name. If we don’t know who the track is from it will likely be deleted.

Failing to acknowledge our support:

When we support you, we hope and expect you to support us. Following us on social and sharing our links helps us grow. It you want to build a relationship with a music blog it has to be a mutually beneficial partnership, it can’t be just take, take, take.

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