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Music Gateway Launch The Ignite Music Fund For Indie Musicians

Music Gateway Launches Ignite Fund for Indie Musicians
Music Gateway Launches Ignite Fund for Indie Musicians

Music Gateway a music services hub offering distribution, publishing, sync and promo has launched Ignite, a new music fund targeted at indie musicians.

Eligible artists will work with the in-house team at Music Gateway and will have access to funds of up to £50,000 for the promotion of new releases across playlist promotion, radio, press campaigns, digital marketing and sync campaigns.

The advance will be recouped through royalty earnings; artists retain 100% ownership of rights.

Chief Operating Officer Sophie Small explains...

“This fund is designed for us to continue to do this in a way that increases the level of support we can provide outside of services for specific representation or campaigns and bring it all together in a way that still keeps the artists in control of their ownership, which is at the heart of what we do. We're looking forward to elevating the success we bring to artists and announcing some major signings through the initiative."

Ignite is designed for artists and rights-holders who have an existing portfolio of songs released with a proven track record of income across a period of more than six months. Funds can be used by the artist for recording, merch production, promotion and other services, including those offered by Music Gateway.

Artists are not obliged to use Music Gateway’s promotional services during the Ignite term, which is a minimum of 12 months.

Digital distribution and publishing admin does have to go through Music Gateway as part of the terms of the agreement, as this is how the platform will directly recoup advances. The Ignite fund is open to any eligible artist globally.

Learn more and apply via the Music Gateway website.

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