Right Chord Music Launches the RCM Indie Music Collective To Get More Music Heard

Updated: Jan 26

Top 10 ranked indie music blog, (RCM) are inviting independent music blogs, freelance writers, playlisters, DJs and live promoters to access their central submissions hub as part of a new initiative called The Indie Collective.

Now when musicians submit music via they could end up with multiple reviews or offers of promotion. “The Indie Collective allows us to collectively champion and support more incredible new music, all from one free submission,” explains RCM founder Mark Knight.

Founding members of the RCM Indie Music Collective include new music blogs Scary Canary, Rats On The Run, Music In Isolation, Euphonixx, Eclectic Ear Candy plus new music playlister We Make Music and Soho Radio DJ Iraina Mancini.

If you are a music blogger, playlister, DJ or live promoter interested in joining The Indie Collective contact RCM Founder Mark Knight

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