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Everything you need to manage your music career online, in one place.


Iraina Mancini

I love it.

Gentlemen's Crow

Gentlemen's Crow

It saves us so much time and money.


JW Paris

It is so simple to use.


We solve two of the biggest challenges facing independent musicians.

Money & Time

Only 18% of independent musicians are confident they get paid what is owed to them.

Only 18% of musicians get paid whats owed to them

Source Major Labl Artist Club research conducted among independent artists.

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Musicians use an average of 7 different services just to manage their music.

Source Major Labl Artist Club research conducted among independent artists.

Our solution.

A multi-user, multi-service music platform.
Finally, all band members can join, collaborate and get paid from one account.

Everything you need in one place.
We provide musicians with everything they need to manage their music careers online, in one place.

Streaming & sales revenue together.
The only music platform that allows you to manage and get paid for streams and sales in one place.

The money-saving no-brainer.
It costs just £120 per year to become a Major Labl Artist Club member. It would cost over £450 to replicate our services using multiple suppliers.

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Better shops.

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Major Labl Artist Club members keep 100%

without the catch

Major Labl Artist Club Features

What you see is what you get. No hidden costs and you always keep 100% of your earnings. Distribution starts at just £2.50 per track, while our members get a package of unlimited music distribution each year.


Be heard.

Get your music on over 100 digital music services worldwide, including all the key ones:

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

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Don't tolerate switch!

Our automated process makes it quick, and safe to switch distributors with no loss of streams.

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Other things you can do on Major Labl Artist Club...


We give back.

Each month we give 5% of our profits to a brilliant new artist discovered on Major Labl Artist Club. Want to feature on our website or next ad?

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About us.

Major Labl Artist Club is a collaboration project between the anonymous music collective Porcelain and Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music. Built for artists by artists. Be your own major label. 

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