How Do You Switch Music Distributors?

To move your releases from your current distributor to Major Labl Artist Club involves you adding identical versions of those releases to the Major Labl Artist Club system, before asking your current distributor to take their versions down.

How do you keep my streams & followers on Spotify?

The answer is in your hands and it comes down to identical metadata.


This means when you add your releases to the Major Labl Artist Club system, you must make sure the following details are exactly the same as the details you supplied to your current distributor:

• Track Title
• Version Information (EG ‘Live Version)
• Artist Name
• Audio File – really important

*ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) identifies a specific recording, and a UPC (Universal Product Code) identifies a bundle, such as a single, EP, or album. These are required for every release. If you don't know it, ask your current distributor. 


So, whilst it isn’t a guarantee that the play counts will transfer, if you make sure that everything listed above matches you’re giving yourself the best chance.

Important: We recommend that you add the release to our system at least one week before your other distributor takes down their version.


Don’t worry about two versions of your release showing up on Spotify during this period, only one of them will show on the Spotify app, but it’ll help with the track-linking process.