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The key to successful music marketing is reaching lots of the right people lots of times.


Think about what happens when Apple launches a new iPhone. They will run lots of adverts in lots of places. After a while, you start to remember the advert, and maybe even want the product. Advertising theory concludes that just telling people once is unlikely to be enough. In fact, they might need to have 6 interactions with a brand before they actually buy.

Borrowing advertising best practice to promote music

Promoting music is no different. One social media post on launch day announcing your new release isn't going to cut it. Only a small percentage of your fans will see it, and only a small percentage of those people will act on that message and go and listen.

Our job is to create a music marketing strategy to deliver reach and frequency for your music through smart social media promotion. This means identifying the right audience, engaging them, re-engaging them, converting them and engaging them again to convert listeners into fans.

PR and radio pluggers attempt to do this on channels they can't control (press and radio) and unsurprisingly they fail. Getting one radio play or two pieces of PR on niche indie blogs will not drive the reach and frequency you need to build a fanbase.

That's why we focus on the channels you can control (social media and websites). It just so happens that these channels are also among the most visited in the world. 

  1. Facebook 2.3BN active monthly users

  2. Instagram 1BN active monthly users

  3. Twitter 275m active monthly users

  4. YouTube The world’s second-largest search engine after Google

  5. TikTok 33m million app downloads last year

  6. Spotify Largest radio station in the UK / circa 40% global market share

There are a lot of potential fans out there, and we help you find them. Just think, you have 100% control over what you post when you post it and whom you target. Do you want to target women, aged 35+ who like Jazz living in New Orleans? No problem! Or what about 18-25s who like Skepta living in London? We can do that. 

The journey to a stream

To get people to listen to your music, we first need to understand how they consume, then we need to ensure our communications work at each stage of the journey. This is the difference between music marketing and music promotion, we don't just cut to the quickest and cheapest solution, we identify the best, most valuable solution.

  1. In Media: Everyday life, not actively looking for music, but if something catches your attention you engage.

  2. The Hero Hook: The thing that inspires or motivates you to want to discover more.

  3. In Market: Actively looking for something to listen to.

  4. In Media: Actively deciding what to listen to.

The key channels 


  • In Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Radio

  • In Market: Music blogs, magazines, YouTube, Podcasts & live

  • In Music: Spotify, Apple Music, Playlisters

Our four-step music marketing strategy

  1. Introduce: Use organic and promoted content to engage existing fans and reach new potential fans. 

  2. Engage: Build an audience of anyone that engages then scale with lookalikes.

  3. Convert: Retarget our warmest engagers optimising for conversion to Stream.

  4. Retarget: Previous listeners and convert to fans

We do this by collecting data using a variety of tools including Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Hotjar, alongside existing insight from Spotify for Artists and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Moving beyond the cost per click

Key metrics in music promotion are cost per conversion and cost per stream. Our approach ensures you don't waste money on advertising that delivers clicks without plays. Through smart targeting and optimisation, we get new listeners and fans for the lowest possible price. 

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