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Be your own major label
Keep 100% of your rights
One Simple Solution

Musicians visit an average of 7 different services when releasing music. That’s a lot of passwords and a lot of wasted time! With Major Labl Artist Club you can do everything, in one place with one password.

Invite The Whole Band

Major Labl Artist Club is a multi-user music platform. We provide a private network and creative collaboration space for musicians to share ideas and work together.

Sell Direct From Your Own Domain In Seconds

When it comes to selling music online musicians have few choices you can sell via Bandcamp and pay 18% commission or pay £13.99 a month for a store on Wix. We have a better solution. Now you can create a FREE fully customisable shop that lives on your own domain. 

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By joining Major Labl Artist Club you remove the 10% commission and keep 100% of your income.

Don't Tolerate. Switch!

Almost three-quarters of musicians dislike or just tolerate their music distributor. When your bank or phone network lets you down, you switch, so why not do the same with your music catalogue?

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Powerful Global Music Distribution

Our music distribution service has been custom-made for independent artists. We provide simple, transparent per-track pricing with no hidden costs. With Major Labl distribution you always keep 100% of your rights.

Don't Pay Extra For
The Things You Need
Major Labl Artist Club Features
Be Heard In All The Right Places

We get your music on over 100 digital music services worldwide, including all the key ones: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. 

Musicians shouldn't have to lose money  
to get paid what's owed to them

Did you know only 18% of musicians are confident they actually get paid what is owed to them? We think that's crazy, and we are here to change that.

We're a multi-user music platform 

Unlike other music platforms, we recognise a song is rarely owned by just one person. That's why we've created a multi-user platform now you only need one distribution account for the whole band to get paid.

Save money and get paid automatically

If you want to split royalties using Distrokid every member of the band needs to pay for a distribution account costing £19.99 per year. That's almost £80 a year for a band of four just to register to get paid!


We have a better way.

  1. Create a FREE B.A.P (Band, artist, project) on Major Labl Artist Club

  2. Invite your bandmates or musical collaborators to join you

  3. Agree on royalty splits and create a contract

  4. Distribute your music by paying just £2.00 or £2.50 per track

  5. Automatically get paid what was agreed

  6. Keep track of band income and individual income on one dashboard


Iraina Mancini

It's a total game changer, I love it.

Gentlemen's Crow

Gentlemen's Crow

It saves us so much time and money.


JW Paris

It is so simple to use.

We're Always Listening

We love discovering music. Every track uploaded to Major Labl Artist Club is heard by a human. This deep understanding of our catalogue allows us to identify more Sync and publishing placement opportunities for your music. 

A Club With Real Benefits

Each month we give 5% of our profits to a brilliant new artist discovered on Major Labl Artist Club. That's cash for you to spend on your music career. We'll also add your name and image to our website and feature your music in our advertising. We're committed to championing our members. Let's grow together.

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Free Music Marketing Guides

We recognise that music marketing extends beyond music distribution that's why we provide our members with a comprehensive catalogue of free 'how to' video guides, blogs posts, and video meet-ups.

Other Things You Can Do On Major Labl Artist Club

Additional features coming soon.

Large file transfer, storage and conversion

Keep all your music, artwork and video in one place

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USB Drive

Create Blockchain contracts

Agree to royalty splits and create contracts to protect your rights

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Image by Elizeu Dias

Design artwork

Create release or live artwork with our Canva integration

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Porcelain Major Labl

Private network, wall, and chat

Share ideas with bandmates and stay connected

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Image by Pradamas Gifarry

Buy custom domain names and email

Set yourselves up for success with our GoDaddy integration

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Image by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦

Income Dashboard

Keep track of direct sales and streaming income in one place

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