To provide greater access to our training session, we have now made it available to rent and view on demand. 

The music marketing model most artists follow was designed for major label signed artists in the 1980s not unsigned artists in the 00's, let us teach you a better way. Music marketing is only successful if more people actually listen to your music. In the video. We'll explain our approach ​and explain why we focus our marketing on the channels you can control, rather than the channels you can't control. We'll also walk you through 'the cycle' our proprietary planning approach, providing simple, actionable ways to help improve the way you plan to promote your music. 

The main difference between this session and our normal training is personalisation. In our normal session we would take some time to review your activity and provide some simple, actionable ways to help improve the effectiveness of your music marketing and enhance your social media presence. So if you still want this personalisation we would be happy to provide a follow up call using our PAYG management service. (See above)

Access this video for just $3.99 for 72 hours. 

(Personalised face to face training is £45.00 plus VAT and you get a PDF copy of this presentation to keep).



We provide a range of downloadable DIY guides to help you plan to promote your music more effectively. Visit our shop to get started. We also offer an online music marketing training session to help give you the tools you need to further your career.   


Our training session typically lasts between 1.5 hours and 2 hours and is designed to help you navigate The Cycle, our framework for marketing effectiveness. The Cycle was developed from our experience working with The Daydream Club, the self released duo who now have over 100,000,000 streams on Spotify and Apple Music and earn a sustainable income from their music.


During the training, we explain every step of The Cycle, bringing the process to life with examples to inspire and inform. We provide you with a 50 page PDF manual to keep and refer to. We can run the training course face to face in London or via video call for artists anywhere in the world.

The session is designed to be actionable, giving you simple ideas to promote yourself and your music in a more effective way. The cost of this session is £45.00 plus VAT for UK & Europe only. 

"The session was really helpful and has given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate your time and effort it's good to know there are genuine people out there." Canine Rising


“Mark’s knowledge of the industry, and more importantly the ins and outs of the online world, social media, and effective marketing, is invaluable to artists in the current climate. Most important is his passion for and commitment to music, that is the factor that makes all the difference.” Blackchords

“Mark’s experience and knowledge of marketing combined with his involvement in the music industry has proven to be invaluable. He constantly presents innovative ideas, taking into account current social and technological trends. We highly recommend working with him” The Daydream Club

Get in touch to book your training session today.



We are yet to meet an independent artist who believes music PR or radio pluggers deliver great value. These campaigns come at a high cost and very few positively impact the Spotify play count. We believe a campaign is only successful if people listen to your music.

Our Campaigns Focus On The Channels You Control

While PR and radio pluggers focus on the channels you can't control, our bespoke campaigns for independent artists are designed to focus on the channels you can control, (social media, website). We create thumb stopping creative campaigns to engage fans and get more people listening.

Save Money

Where possible, we keep costs down by building off your existing creative assets. We'll take your artwork, your video, your photos and of course your music and turn them into content that is formatted for key social channels. Campaign costs typically range from £500 - £1,000, so way less than a standard PR campaign or radio plugging campaign who often charge in excess of £1,500 and don't guarantee you any results! 


Content Creation

We'll create enough daily content to keep your social channels buzzing for three-five weeks. We schedule all the posts in advance, so you can literally sit back and watch the campaign unfold. We also design websites.

Content Promotion

Effective advertising is based on reach and frequency. That means reaching lots of people, lots of times. We use targeted Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads to ensure we reach the audiences most interested in your music. We use Split Tests to optimise advertising effectiveness. 

Want to find out what we can do for you? Get in touch providing links to your key social pages (EG Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and a link for us to hear your music. As you would hope and expect we are choosy about who we work with, and other represent artists we love.



We charge £30 per hour for our PAYG management consultancy. 

It's hard to attract a manager as an unsigned artist. Typically music managers get paid between 15-20% of the gross income generated by their artist. This split can cover all forms of artist income including physical sales, downloads, streams, live, merchandise or sync.

This clearly represents a challenge for unsigned or self released artists. Because, unless you are making a sustainable income from your music, there is no money to pay a manager. Twenty percent of nothing is nothing, and unfortunately not many managers will want to work for free!

We set up pay as you go management specifically in response to the needs of unsigned artists. Because we recognise most unsigned artists don't earn enough money to make a 20% cut worthwhile, we flipped the model. This means you only pay for the expert help you want, when you want it.

Here are just some of the ways artists have used our PAYG management service.​

  • Writing grant application forms

  • Writing artist biographies and press releases

  • Producing an electronic press kit

  • Setting up and running YouTube, Google, Facebook or Spotify ads

  • Generating creative ideas to support a launch campaign

  • Planning and scheduling social media posts

  • Running their social media while they are on holiday

  • Auditing their current online activity to understand how to improve

  • Recommending ways to improve their performance on Spotify

  • Making lyric videos

  • Designing a new logo or gig posters and flyers

Need our help? Get in touch with a summary of your challenge and we'll be in touch.



After 10 years experience managing artists and running a music blog, we know a thing or two about what a good artist website looks like. Our websites combine beauty with function to give you the ultimate platform to launch your career. All our sites are designed in WIX, we can re-skin your existing website or design a brand new site from scratch. A basic website starts at £150. Get in touch to discuss your needs. Check out artist case studies to see examples of our work.

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