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This service is designed for unsigned bands and independent artists. We always recommend running this service before spending money to promote your music. As the name suggests, we review and optimise your pages including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and your own website to ensure everything is ready for promotion.


Our key areas of focus include.


  • Consistency of image: profile pictures and banners (All pages)
  • Completion of bios and about pages (All pages)
  • Adding smart links to track Spotify clicks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Adding tags and cards (YouTube)
  • Artist picks (Spotify)
  • Spotify Follow Me Widget (Website)


Full website design is also available. (This sits outside the scope of this purchase)


To complete this work we will require Admin rights, or login details to each of your. To arrange please email after purchase and we'll talk you through what's required.


This work typically takes 1-2 days upon receipt of login details or page access.



The Optimiser