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Spotify Follow. The Button That Pays Independent Artists

Updated: Feb 3

Everyone tells unsigned bands and independent artists to get more #Facebook Likes and #Instagram Follows, but few people tell you to get more #Spotify Follows. We do!

The Spotify Follow button

The Spotify Follow button provides direct fan engagement at the point of income generation. Every Spotify follow lands you on a Release Radar playlist, a powerful, personalised algorithmic driven playlist. Every stream on Spotify pays, and as an unsigned artist this is yours income to keep.

While writing this article we surveyed ten unsigned artists, all ten had more Facebook Likes than Spotify follows. The average number of Facebook Likes was 2,100 and Spotify Follow just 50.

Embed the Spotify Button on your website

We recommend embedding this powerful little button your artist website or blog and then focus on encouraging your fans to click it. Click here for instructions.

Small changes drive income

Just imagine if all of your Facebook fans followed you on Spotify and listened to just one more track a month. That small change will immediately increase your income. Then, what if each of your Facebook fans added one of your tracks to a playlist that they shared it with a handful of friends who in turn listened, followed and saved your music. It makes you think doesn't it. Spotify acknowledge that inclusion on personal playlists is a valuable stepping stone to get on Discover Weekly playlists and ultimately larger Spotify curated playlists.

Get to it people! Remember building buzz on Spotify drives direct revenue.

Next Steps

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