Did you know that someone in the UK is reported missing every 90 seconds? That’s 170,000 people every year. Of the 170,000 people reported missing nearly 98,000 are adults and more than 70,000 are children.  However, that's just the tip of the iceberg as some people will not be reported missing to the police at all.

 Going missing is often an indication that someone is unhappy at home or school,  experiencing mental ill-health, exploitation or grooming.


Anonymous music collective Porcelain is using the release of their track 'Hollow' to highlight the work done by @missingpeople.uk the only UK charity dedicated to reuniting missing people with their families. 


Unlike Porcelain not everyone has a voice.

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“Truly amazing! “It’s like soul music from out of space, brought to the listener to teach

them to release close held emotions.” Mick Fleetwood [Fleetwood Mac]

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