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Does Your Music Marketing Drive The Play Count?

We are yet to meet an independent artist who believes music PR or radio pluggers deliver great value. These campaigns come at a high cost and very few positively impact the Spotify play count. We believe a campaign is only successful if people listen to your music.

Our Campaigns Focus On The Channels You Control

While PR and radio pluggers focus on the channels you can't control, our bespoke campaigns for independent artists are designed to focus on the channels you do control, we create bespoke creative campaigns to promote your music on social media.

Save Money

Where possible, we keep costs down by building off your existing creative assets. We'll take your artwork, your video, your photos and of course your music and turn them into content that is formatted for key social channels. Campaign costs typically range from £400 - £700, so way less than a standard PR campaign or radio plugging campaign who often charge in excess of £1,000 and don't guarantee you any results! 


Content Creation

We'll create enough daily content to keep your social channels buzzing for three-five weeks. We schedule all the posts in advance, so you can literally sit back and watch the campaign unfold. We also design websites.

Content Promotion

Effective advertising is based on reach and frequency. That means reaching lots of people, lots of times. We use targeted Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads to ensure we reach the audiences most interested in your music. We use Split Tests to optimise advertising effectiveness. 

Example Clients

We work with independent artists all over the world including Anna Wolf, Broken Witt Rebels, Blackchords, Cocoa Futures, Doctors Of Madness, Dyllan White, Officer, The Daydream Club and Zaritza. Our campaigns deliver! Read case studies here.

Major Labl & Right Chord Music

We're part of Right Chord Music (Top 10 ranked independent music blog) that receives hundred of emails from new unsigned and independent artists every week, so we know better than most how important it is to stand out. Sadly very few people get excited by the headline "Unknown artist releases new single." So our first step is to identify a story or creative hook to build a campaign around. Just talking about your new video every day for six weeks is not going to work!


Contact Us

If you are an unsigned or independent artist looking for an effective way to promote your music, please complete our contact form to discuss your requirements. Please recognise, we are selective about who we work with and can't always begin work immediately. So allows sufficient lead times (a minimum of 4 weeks ahead of launch) before contacting us. Read previous reviews on Trust Pilot.