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Learn a repeatable, best practice approach to releasing music more effectively.

What's included

  • A week by week checklist

  • A repeatable strategy

  • Best practice 

Iraina Mancini


“I wish this had been created sooner. Having someone to bounce ideas off and a plan to promote my music is exactly what I was missing.” 


—  Iraina Mancini

The Major Labl Artist Club is designed to support self released artists across every stage of the artist development and release cycle.

We recognise that great music is nothing without distribution and promotion so we've combined them into one simple package


The Major Labl Artist Club provides the first end to end solution for self released artists.


Be your own Major Labl

What we don't do. Take away your rights or your royalties.  

Major Labl cycle

Introducing the

Major Labl Artist Club

What's included in the Future Artist Club? 

Starting at just £50 a year, you get everything you need to further your career. Simple. 

All the tools, skills and knowledge you need to further your music career in one place. 

What's included:

  • A proven and repeatable framework

  • Unlimited global music distribution

  • Step by step video marketing guides

  • Personal manager consultations

  • Sync licensing opportunities

  • Musosoup membership

  • Feature FM Tools

  • RCM opportunities

Future Artist Club


Unlimited music distribution to over 100+ stores. Keep your rights and 100% of your royalties


Our 10 part video webinar series will teach you an effective, repeatable strategy to launch, plan and promote your music 


Personal manager consultations

Sync licensing opportunities

Feature FM tools

Musosoup membership

RCM opportunities

Distribution is nothing without promotion

Did you know 20% of the music on Spotify has never been streamed. That means over 4,000,000 tracks have never been heard!


There are tons of me-too music distribution companies, but none of these have been designed for self released artists, and none of them include marketing and promotional training in their service.

We're on a mission to ensure every member of the Future Artist Club has the tools and skills they need to get their music heard.

That's why all our members get access to a 10 part online training course. We provide step by step support to help you plan to release music more effectively.

Want to see what it's all about? Before signing up to join the Future Artist Club why not watch our FREE introductory webinar.

Never waste money on Playlisters, PR or Radio Pluggers again. 

Why waste hundreds or even thousands of pounds on playlisters, PR agencies and Radio Pluggers each time you release music, when you could pay once and learn a simple, repeatable and effective strategy to use on all future releases.


Mark Knight, marketing strategist, new music champion and founder of Major Labl and RCM

Hello, I'm Mark

For the last 20 years I've provided strategic marketing consultancy for some of the world's biggest brands including evian, Nivea and Vodafone. When I set up Major Labl my aim was to bring proven advertising best practice and marketing theory from the brand world to the band world. 

​Alongside brand consultancy, I also have over 10 years experience as an artist manager and new music champion. My work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for Best Digital Campaign at The Music Ally Awards (the only unsigned artist to be nominated). The band now have over 100m Spotify Streams as an independent artist.


In 2010 I founded Right Chord Music (a top 10 ranked indie music blog) and The Lost On Radio Podcast which has attracted listeners from over 150 countries. 


In 2016, I set myself an audacious challenge to find and break an unsigned band in just 10 weeks without using radio or press.  The project took me to the main stage in Cannes. The band 'Broken Witt Rebels' are now signed to Universal Music.

In 2020 I launched The Takeover, a summer online music festival and winter online music conference specifically for unsigned and DIY musicians. In its first year the festival attracted 600,000 viewers and Badly Drawn Boy headlined.

In the past 10 years, I've lectured on music marketing at MIDEM, Off The Record and Liverpool Sound City, written for The Guardian, Unsigned Guide, Reverbnation, Music Think Tank and judged the Music Week Awards.

Working alongside musicians I've created the Future Artist Club to provide practical and effective skills to more unsigned and self released artists. 

I hope you find it useful.


Get your music on 100+ global music stores and streaming services

Our music distribution service gets your music on over 100 digital music stores worldwide, including all the key ones.

A full list of stores can be found at the bottom of this page in the FAQ section.

Unlike other distributors if we add new stores to our distribution list, your music is added free of charge.


Some distribution companies boast about the speed they can get your music online. But let's be clear if your distributor is claiming 24 hour distribution, it just means they are not distributing to every store.

For us, it differs from store to store, with the big stores usually being faster and the smaller stores taking longer.


Within 10 days, we can get the music on all stores. But as you will learn in our training course we don't like last minute stress.


We recommend you distribute your music between 4 and 6 weeks before launch.

MusicDistribution  (1).png

Unlimited music distribution

Because we know musicians are releasing more singles than ever before we've created a simple, unlimited distribution service.


As a Future Artist Club member you can upload as much music as you want. No hidden charges, no catches.

We've also made it super easy for you to split royalties between your team.

Retain your rights
Keep 100% of your royalties
How refreshing

Other Features

  • Free EAN ISRC codes
  • Free insights dashboard
  • Free Launch FM smart links & pre-saves 
  • Free mobile app
  • Quick and responsive customer service

Image by sgcdesignco

What you'll learn in our 10 part  marketing training series 

Our ten part webinar training series provides a step by step guide to planning to release music more effectively. Find a summary of our release checklist and course content below.

If you are a new artist just starting out we'll show you how to launch and get the basics in. If you are an established self released artist, we'll show you how to audit and optimise before you begin promotion.  Afterall first impressions count.

The training combines visual presentation with simple demonstrations and walk throughs using tools including Facebook Ad Manager, Spotify for Artists, Canva, Wix and Feature FM. Throughout the training we'll provide ideas and best practice examples to inspire and inform your future marketing.

Our training series has been developed and honed over 10 years of working with self released artists. Because the world never stands still all members get free access to updates and new content throughout the course of their subscription. 


Launching & Optimising

Establishing a visual identity

Writing a biography

Setting up & optimising social media

Website creation

Setting objectives

Establishing your strategy


Planning for Success

Understanding the theory

Setting up the Facebook Ad Manager

Installing the Facebook Pixel

Building Custom, Saved & Lookalike audiences

Introduction to essential tools

Record, mix and master high quality music 


Six Weeks From Launch

Creating the essential assets

Developing a hero story

Producing social media content by format

Writing a press release with a story

Setting your release strategy

Researching hashtags


Five Weeks From Launch 

Auditing and optimising social pages

Creating a content calendar

Creating your landing page

Submit your track for distribution


Four Weeks From Launch

Pitching your track to Spotify

Setting up your pre-save campaign

Submitting your tracks to Musosoup & RCM

Uploading tracks to free radio

Embedding the Spotify Follow button

Scheduling your social content


Three Weeks From Launch

Creating engaging adverts for your release

Using dark ads to build an engagement pool

Testing and refining creative and audiences 

Creating your reporting dahsboard


Two Weeks From Launch

Understanding pre-save campaigns

Establishing your pre-save strategy

Launching your pre-save campaign


One Week From Launch

Promoting your pre-save campaign

Analysing engagement ads

Choosing your winning creative

Creating Spotify artist playlists

Recording pre campaign benchmarks


Launch Day & First Week

Publishing the out now announcement

Updating your Spotify artist pick

Updating social media biographies

Setting your conversion advertising live


Weeks 2-5 Post Launch 

Monitoring and optimising advertising

Engaging directly with fans

Engaging bloggers and Podcasters

Reporting and analysing results

Agreeing future learnings 

Image by Markus Spiske
Image by Obafemi Moyosade
Image by Jakob Owens
Future Artist Club

Other benefits and partner services

In addition to unlimited, global music distribution and marketing training, all Future Artist Club members get personal manager consultations.

Included in our standard membership:


  • 2x 1 hour personal manager consultations with Mark Knight to use at any time during the year

  • Inclusion in our sync licensing catalogue and pitched for inclusion in TV, Film and Gaming opportunities. We take a 40% commission on any fees generated from successful music placement. 

  • Free membership to Musosoup. Cut out the PR middlemen and submit to the best blogs, playlists, stations, Podcasts, influencers and more

  • Considered for Right Chord Music group opportunities including festivals, sessions and playlists

We also offer extended partner benefits in our Silver and Gold packages. 

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Website design

  • Music contracts

  • Social content production

  • Advertising templates

  • Merch

  • Need something else, let us know and we'll source it for you!

Image by Kamil Feczko

Traditional music marketing is broken, ineffective and a waste of your money.

"The traditional model of music promotion that was designed for major label signed artists in the 1980s and 1990s simply does not work for unsigned / independent artists in the 00's." Mark Knight, Major Labl

In 2006 when I began managing my first band, I scoured book shops and the Internet for help and advice. I was told the key to success was a record label, a ton of live shows, glowing press reviews and lots of radio play.  It seemed simple, follow this model and critical acclaim, album sales and income would follow. Spoiler alert it didn't.

Ten years later I began managing The Daydream Club and despite the emergence of streaming services, the model for promotion was still largely the same. I calculated the band were spending approximately £5,000 each time they released music. This covered production and promotion (radio plugging and PR). While you could argue this was actually a modest budget, it was still never going to be sustainable for a self funded band reliant on part time jobs. Money was going out, but very little was coming back in. It was evident that something had to change if they were to going to be able to continue making music.

At that moment I concluded the traditional model of music promotion (radio, press and live) designed for major label signed artists in the 1980s and 1990s simply did not work for unsigned / independent artists in the 00's.  


Here are my conclusions:

The music industry is full of scammers

Everyone is after your money and they will tell you anything to get paid. Most of these so called experts have no interest in your music and have no history or success in supporting unsigned artists. 

Radio spot plays don't drive the reach of frequency required to further your career.

When you hire a radio plugger they can't guarantee you any plays. How many other times in your life would you pay for a service and have no guarantee it will ever be delivered?! Radio is dominated and controlled by major label, signed artists so playlisting is rare. While it's thrilling to hear your music on radio, one off spot-plays don't deliver the reach or frequency required to grow the momentum required to build a fanbase. 

Niche music blogs with poor SEO don't get you heard

Just like radio, there are no guarantees with PR. You pay your money and hope. While signed artists enjoy the luxury of high reaching and widely read publications, unsigned and unknown artists pick up the scraps with reviews on niche bedroom blogs, many that are not even optimised to appear in Google search results. Very few blogs drive sufficient reach and engagement to positively impact the play count.

Live is a hugely inefficient way to build a fanbase unless you are incredible live

While the joy of performing and discovering an incredible new band will always remain, that doesn't always make it an effective channel to promote your music. Not every musician  is a captivating or engaging live performer, and those that aren't shouldn't focus on live as a key channel for career development. Most unsigned artists play to half empty rooms where the only attendees are the same 10 loyal friends, the other bands on the bill and those noisy people by the bar that didn't even come for the music.

Playlisters are a money drain that drive one time plays not longterm fans

The first challenge is to avoid the bots and fake streams that could result in account deletion. If you manage this you will see that playlists can be hugely effective at driving streams. But unless you start converting listeners into repeat listeners, fans and advocates you will constantly be spending money to attract new listeners. It's clear the most important metrics on Spotify are 'Saves' 'Follows' and 'Listener rate' not just one time streams.


The Major Labl alternative

In response to these conclusions I set about creating a more effective approach. In the last few years I've been successfully using this model with Major Labl clients. The Daydream Club who inspired this model have since gone on to amass over 100 million Spotify streams (as an independent artist).


Now in order to share this model with more musicians I have created the Future Artist Club to provide a one stop, effective and repeatable approach for self released artists.

The Future Artist Club has been created in response to these key principles.

Key principles for effective music promotion

  • Music distribution is nothing without promotion. 20% of the Spotify catalogue (4,000,000 tracks) have never been played

  • First impressions count so don't promote anything until you are 100% optimised

  • Focus on the channels you can control (social media and websites) ahead of the channels you can’t control.(radio & press).

  • Understand how to reach, engage, convert and retarget your audience

  • Create a hero story that transcends your music recognising there is no story in unknown artist releases unknown song 

  • Produce social content that people want to spend time with

  • Measure effectiveness and continue to optimise 

How Porcelain launched their career with the Future Artist Club

The Future Artist Club helped Porcelain, an anonymous music collective from London launch their career.

Following the steps in the marketing training course Porcelain set about creating a unique and intriguing online identify.

Working with animators and motion graphic artists they created a library of engaging social content which generated over half a million views and engagements and helped establish a fanbase before any music was released.

Ahead of their debut release they created an interactive music matchmaking quiz to engage audiences, and simultaneously boost their pre-saves.  The quiz drove over 3,000 visitors to their website in just one week providing a ready made audience for retargeting.

Porcelain followed our 'how to demonstrations' to create highly effective Facebook and Instagram ads which yielded a 60% conversion rate (smashing Toneden's 13% benchmark).

By focusing on creating fans not listeners Porcelain have built a solid base. They recently surpassed 1,000 Spotify Followers and incredibly 50% of people that listen save Porcelain's music to their profile. By following the steps in the Future Artist Club training Porcelain are seeing listener numbers double every month. 

"The Future Artist Club totally transformed the way we plan to release our music. We now have a highly effective blueprint to follow for every future release." Porcelain

Porcelain Future Artist Club Stats

Frequently asked questions 

How is The Future Artist Club delivered?

When you sign up you will receive immediate access to our distribution service and our 10 part online webinar training programme. You will also be able to book personal online consultations with a music manager and access additional partner benefits. The Future Artist Club is a digital service.

Why should I trust you?

I've been championing the underdog for over ten years via Major Labl and Right Chord Music. Our RCM music blog is ranked in the top 10 unsigned music blogs. My work with The Daydream Club has helped them generate over 100m streams as a self released band. In the past 10 years, I've lectured on music marketing at MIDEM, Off The Record and Liverpool Sound City, written for The Guardian, Unsigned Guide, Reverbnation, Music Think Tank and judged the Music Week Awards. Search Right Chord Music or Mark Knight on Google to see more evidence.

What's the benefit of this approach vs adhoc promotion?

The Future Artist Club provides unlimited music distribution and a comprehensive training course that covers the entire artist launch and release cycle. This approach provides you with a simple, effective and repeatable process for you to use over and over again. By learning the process you will save yourself thousands of pounds on ineffective promotion in the future. 

Does this training work?

Yes! I've been running face to face training with musicians for over 10 years. This online video webinar programme combines my experience with the latest best best in class theory and practical tips. The programme has been tested with Major Labl clients before launch. As a member you will continue to benefit from updates and new thinking for no additional cost.

I've never used Facebook Advertising or the Ad Manager before will that be a problem?

The training includes complete step by step walk throughs showing you exactly how to setup the campaigns, so even if this is the first time you've run Facebook advertising we have you covered. Personal consultations are also included for Future Artist Club members if you have outstanding questions.

How much do you recommend I spend on Facebook advertising?

We work with artists with daily budgets ranging from £3 a day to £30. We always recommend you front weight a campaign to support the first week of release, but any well targeted advertising is better than none. There really isn't a limit. 

Do I need to spend more on PR?

We don't recommend you spend any money hiring a separate PR agency or consultant. As part of your Future Artist Club membership you get access to Musosoup and the RCM Indie Collective blog networks. These services connect you directly to multiple blogs cutting out the PR middlemen. This means you only pay for guaranteed music reviews and support, there is no obligation to accept any offer. We've seen our members cancel agreements with their PR companies because our service is so much more cost efficient.

Is it's cheaper to just pay a playlister?

It might be cheaper in the short term, but our experience and research shows playlists only drive short term streams not long term fans. So in the long-term it's better and cheaper to learn how to recruit one fan rather than one listener.

Is this just about ads?

No. advertising / promotion is only one part of our training programme. Our training covers four phases. Launch, Record, Plan and Promote. The Future Artist Club also includes unlimited music distribution.

What happens if I cancel?

When you join the Future Artist Club you have access to our services for one year. If you decide not to renew after one year, access to our training course will be removed. To keep your distributed music online, we offer a simple one off legacy payment of £30.00 This will keep you music online forever. As always you keep 100% of your royalties and rights. 

Where can I find the full list of music stores you distribute to?

Acer, Akazoo, Alibaba Xiami, Amazon Prime Music/Music Unlimited Anghami, Apple Music, Apple Shazam, Artistxite, Audio Print Music, Audiojungle, AWA, Baidu Music,Bandcamp, BBM Shop,, Beatport, Bitel, Bleep, BrandSpins, Broadtime, BYO, CCI Distribution, China Mobile, China Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Claro Musica, Coca-Cola Contestone/RingbacktoneSom De, Chamada, Crickery Wood, CUR Music, Dance All Day, Deedo, Deezer, Digicel, Digster, Discjam, Dubset, Electric Jukebox, eMusic, Facebook, Fan Label, FETnet, Findspire, Flipagram, Fnac, Forest Incentives FreeCarmen/Trebel Music Freeform, FUHU Nabi 2, Gaana, Global Radio, Global Tel, Google Play, Grandpad, Grruv,, Heart Music, High Res Audio, hmv PLAY, HTC One, Huashu, Huawei Music, I Like Music/Mixpixie iam+ Dial iHeartRadio, ImageSoundm, Imbee, IVR, Jeoutai, JioSaavn, JoMedia, Juke, Keefe Group, KKBOX Klassik Radio, Kobo, Kolbi, KTV, La Musica SBS, La Poste Mobile,, LifeScape, Mach by Mariposa, Me2u Music, Mi Tracks, Mixette, Movistar, MUMO,, MusicJet, MusicQubed, My Playlist, myMusic, Napster/Rhapsody NEC, Netease Cloud, Music Niche, Streem nMusic, Now Music A1/Mtel/Vip, NSM, Omusic, Onkyo Music, Open Live, Orange, Overmax, Playster, Pandora, Pledge, Prizm Prodigium/Infogo, PsonarPubbles, Pulselocker, QQ/Kugou/Kuwo/WeSing, QNX CAR, Qobuz, R&R, Raku, RcrdClub, ROK mobile, Sainsburys, Simfy, Slacker, Sounday,SoundCloud, Go Soundtrack Your Brand, Spinlet, Spotify, SuperCloud, Taiwan Mobile, TDC, Technics, Tracks, Tencent, The First Club, The Overflow, Tidal, TikTok, Tonlist, Tonspion, ToonGoggles, Toutiao, Triplay, TSTAR, Tunewiki, Turkcell Fizy, UMG Popup Stores, United Media Agency, Univision, Virgin Mobile, Viva, Vodafone, Walkgame, Xiaomi Music, Yandex Music, Yinyuetai, Yiqixiu, Yonder, You42, Zonga, Zvooq.