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Our management consultancy services are split between DIY guides organised to match your career stage and unique PAYG consultancy.

We provide a range of digital marketing guides to help you plan to promote your music more effectively. We do this by breaking our proprietary planning process 'The Cycle' into four manageable steps.  

1. Launch 

2. Produce

3. Plan

4. Promote

You can buy step by step guides or jump straight in with the Complete Guide To Music Marketing.

We also provide guides to help unsigned artists improve the effectiveness of Facebook advertising and drive more plays and income on Spotify. Choose your career stage and discover how we can support you.

Alternatively if you just want an expert to do it for you, we also offer pay as you go management consultancy to Major Labl members.

Pay As You Go Management

In response to the challenges facing unsigned bands and independent artists we've created a unique pay as you go management service. We recognise most unsigned artists don't earn enough money to make a 20% cut worthwhile, we flipped the model. This means you only pay for the expert help you want, when you want it no contracts or commitments.