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About Major Labl Artist Club

Major Labl Artist Club is a collaboration project between the anonymous music collective Porcelain and Mark Knight, the founder of the unsigned music blog Right Chord Music. Our founding vision is to build a loved music service that addresses the challenges facing independent artists.

Everything you need to manage your music career online, in one place.

Built by musicians for musicians.

Be your own major label.

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Mark Knight

In 2010 Mark founded Right Chord Music (now ranked 5th by Feedspot in the top 50 indie music blogs) and The Lost On Radio Podcast which has attracted listeners from over 150 countries. At this time he was also managing the Australian band Blackchords and husband and wife duo The Daydream Club.

His work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for Best Digital Campaign at The Music Ally Awards (the only unsigned artist to be nominated). The band now have over 100m Spotify Streams as an independent artist.

Alongside his music work, Mark has also spent over 20 years providing strategic marketing consultancy for scale-up businesses including Getir, Ecotone, Mettle and WeAre8. These experiences help shape the development of the Major Labl Artist Club. 

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Project Rebel

In 2016, Mark set himself an audacious secret challenge code-named 'Project Rebel'  to find and break an unsigned band in just 10 weeks without using radio or press.  The project took him to the main stage of the Cannes Lions Advertising Conference where he presented the approach and successful outcome.  The band 'Broken Witt Rebels' were signed to Universal Music. During the campaign, Mark and team, managed to secure free media including nationwide billboards and a spot on the homepage of YouTube generating over half a million streams in just 24 hours.

Project Rebel formalised a lot of Mark's thinking and led him to launch Major Labl, a music marketing consultancy that helped independent artists improve the way they promoted their music.


Major Labl

After 10 years spent managing and working with independent musicians, Mark concluded the traditional approach to music marketing (which focused on radio, press and live promotion) designed for major label artists in the 80s did not work for unsigned/independent musicians in the ’00s.



  • Radio spot plays don’t deliver the reach or frequency required to build fame or a fanbase

  • Press appears on niche, unread music blogs with poor SEO optimisation

  • Live has limited ability to reach new listeners and convert them into fans at scale


Unlike music PR or radio plugging companies, Major Labl didn't jump to promotion, we started by identifying an artist's key challenges and then created a bespoke music marketing plan to address them. We always looked to optimise the artists existing social media and website presence before spending money on the channels, they couldn't control. (radio & press). 

With Major Labl we deliberately borrowed from advertising best practices to reach, engage, convert and retarget the audiences. We also worked with the artists to create thumb-stopping social content and advertising campaigns to drive the play and follower count. We are proud of the work we did for artists like Anna Wolf, Iraina Mancini and Doctors of Madness. During this time, Mark first met Porcelain, helping them launch their career and debut EP Pt 1.

Despite the success of Major Labl, Mark concluded that as a one-to-one consultancy it was never going to be big enough to make a significant difference. During the lockdown, he started conversations with Porcelain to build something truly game-changing.

The creation of the Major Labl Artist Club is the continuation of my vision to help more incredible independent music find an audience.

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