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Music Marketing For Indie Musicians.

We improve the way indie musicians promote their music.

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Client testimonials.

Nick Batterham Major Labl

Nick Batterham, Artist

"A lot of putting out an album feels like an uphill battle, constantly fighting resistance. You have cut through that and been a beacon of light in the dark. Prompt, positive and effective." 

Liam May, Trashmouth Records on Major Labl

Liam May, Trashmouth Records

" I'd highly recommend Major Labl to any independent musician who wants a hand understanding & making the most of the online marketing world."

Mike Mayor, Earache Records on Major Labl

Mike Mayor, Earache Records

"Mind-blowing results.

Easy to talk to and excellent at troubleshooting."

Why we exist.

Major Labl exists because the traditional approach to music marketing designed for major label artists in the 80s does not work for indie musicians in the ’00s.



  • Radio spot plays don’t deliver the reach or frequency required to build fame or a fanbase

  • Press appears on niche, unread music blogs with poor SEO optimisation

  • Live has limited ability to reach new listeners and convert them into fans at scale

What makes Major Labl different?

Unlike music PR or radio plugging companies, we don't just jump to promotion, we start by identifying your specific challenges and create a bespoke music marketing plan to address them.


We always start by auditing and optimising the channels you can control. (social media and websites) before considering the channels, you can’t control. (radio & press). 

We borrow from advertising best practices to reach, engage, convert and retarget the audiences most into your music.


We recognise that just because it's worked before doesn't mean it will work again. The music marketing landscape is always changing and we change with it.

Major Labl Music Marketing Planning Cycle

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